Lowara e-SHE series

Stainless steel flanged surface pump

Used for applications that require a constant or variable duty point in a cost saving operation. It is made entirely from corrosion resistant AISI 316 stainless steel so it is ideal for handling not only water but also moderately aggressive fluids.

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Shimge Pumps

The affordable pump brand

Main products are the frequency converter circulation pump, centrifugal pump, as well as submersible, deep well, and sewage pumps. After nearly 30 years of growth, Shimge is now the leading producer of agricultural & domestic pumps in China.

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All things water treatment

FRP Equipment's & Accessories Shop !

From FRP vessels to Side channel blowers, purifying your water is one click away.

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    Shimge 24lts Pressure Vessel membrane (Bladder)
    China 24lts Pressure vessel membrane (Bladder)
    China 24lts Pressure vessel membrane (Bladder)
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